*** The Hampton Roads Morning of Hope was been disbanded in 2019 ***

To contact our nonprofit charity, the Hampton Roads Survivors of Suicide Support Group, Inc., email: hamptonroadssosinc@gmail.com or call: 757-817-9357.

To learn more about the Hampton Roads Survivors of Suicide Support Group, Inc, click here.

2019 Hampton Roads Morning of Hope

Sponsored by the local nonprofit, the Hampton Roads Survivors of Suicide Support Group, Inc.

On Sept. 28, once again Hampton Roads communities responded to the Hampton Roads Morning of Hope Walk to promote good mental health and to prevent suicide. With over 2,800, all 7 Hampton Roads cities and all 5 military services came together for this common purpose.

And, on behalf of over 550 volunteers and the participants, we thank each individual who attended for their part of raising awareness of depression and suicide.

Guided by this mission, we have in the past years sponsored the Hampton Roads Morning of Hope Walk at Mt. Trashmore. We are honored that this initiative has brought together thousands from our civilian and military communities. Together, we have truly formed a fellowship for this cause.

For 2020 we will no longer be having a walk. But, we do have interest in another mental health community outreach. We want to let you know about the Survivors of Suicide Support Group. This SOS group is a bereavement group for those who have lost a loved one to suicide. We think it can be beneficial in promoting healthy grieving. The SOS group is especially important because survivors of suicide are 5 times at greater risk for suicide themselves. This is a significant resource for many.

And, also, we want to thank those who have been involved in this initiative in the past. Each voice that has joined this cause has been instrumental in countering the silence and shame of mental illness and of suicide and in replacing this stigma with the hope that comes with treatment. We want to raise awareness of depression as a treatable disease and of suicide as a preventable tragedy.

We encourage everyone to continue supporting this cause. Our fellowship and outreach can continue beyond a date or a location. We can all be a part of raising awareness of depression and suicide in two ways. First, through education , read, learn, even memorize important mental health facts: Warning Signs, Symptoms of Depression, What to do When Someone May be Suicidal and the Mental Health Crisis Line Number. Click here for this important information. Secondly, you can participate in this fellowship by supporting each other. When someone you know is struggling with the disease of depression, talk with them and encourage them to get professional help.

       Together, we have and can continue to make a difference.
       Together, we may even save a life!

As a way of celebrating and remembering the 2019 Hampton Roads Morning of Hope Walk, we have put together a collection of pictures. If you attended on September 28th, we hope that seeing them may rekindle how this community outreach may have touched you. We hope it was a Morning of Awareness, Remembrance & Celebration for you. If you haven’t attended, we still hope these pictures can inform and encourage you to become a part of raising awareness of depression and suicide.

Please view our Pictorial of 2019 Hampton Poads Morning of Hope - click here
Please enjoy these photos! And, with 63 of them, there's a good chance that you may even see yourself!
Special thanks to our gifted and generous photographer Bill Tiernan for making the pictorial possible.