Mt Trashmore
September 9, 2017

Together we can be a part of help and healing.
Together we can raise awareness of depression and of suicide.

Together we can save lives!

We have a great announcement
& invitation for you . . .

Hampton Roads and its outreach has been so responsive to the need of promoting good mental that we now have the interest, resources, leadership and fellowship to form our own local outreach to better serve our civilian and military communities:

There are many events in Hampton Roads to promote good physical health.
The Hampton Roads Morning of Hope is to promote good mental health.

This initiative is locally sponsored by the Hampton Roads Survivors of Suicide Support Group Inc., a non-profit organization for those who have lost a loved one to suicide. With the intention of sparing others from their tragedy, members want to reach out to anyone touched by depression or by suicide. The organizer of this event is Chris Gilchrist, LCSW, who has facilitated this group 29 years, and has continued throughout our communities to raise awareness of depression as treatable and of suicide as preventable.

Because the Hampton Roads Morning of Hope is localized, all efforts can better be focused on its needs and issues. Although donations are not required to participate, any funds will stay here. The event begins and ends in Hampton Roads.

The Morning will include: complimentary breakfast; an informative and moving program opened by a Color Guard; memory wall; family activities; names read in remembrance; walking through a curtain of cranes and licensed counselors for support.

Join us September 9th at Mt. Trashmore.
Together we can be a part of help and healing . . .

Call if you need more information or are interested in forming a group, being a sponsor, or volunteering. Thank you.
Contact: Chris Gilchrist, LCSW, 757-483-5111.

Please join us Sept. 9th 2017

We are pleased to share our Facebook page link with you.
While the website is the best place to find details about the Hampton Roads Morning of Hope, our Facebook page is another great resource of information.
Please like us on Facebook, follow us, and share our posts by visiting https://www.facebook.com/HamptonRoadsMorningofHope/

This is our mission: to promote good mental health by raising awareness of depression as a treatable disease and of suicide as a preventable tragedy.

It is this commitment that Spirits the Hampton Roads Morning of Hope!

National Suicide Prevention LIfeline
at 1-800-273-TALK

The Hampton Roads Morning of Hope is for anyone who has been touched by depression or suicide. If you can relate to this cause, please join us on September 9th as we share this Morning of Awareness, Remembrance and Celebration.

Tom Schaad, anchor of WAVY-TV 10 will be the emcee of the
Program of Awareness, Remembrance and of Celebration.

       With an objective of raising awareness, there will be an informative and moving program with several exceptional speakers. In appreciation of all five of our military branches present in Hampton Roads, we will open with a Joint Service Color Guard.

       There are also 15 - 20 professional counselors present who can: provide emotional support; answer questions; and hand out information and booklets that address depression, suicide prevention, and grieving. Because this Walk is a family event, there are materials geared for children, teens, and adults. The counselors can also assist you in taking a Depression Inventory that is available.

Rich Jaglowski, LCSW one of the counselors
available to assist and support.
There are many resources

       The Hampton Roads Morning of Hope also supports remembrance for those who have lost a loved one to suicide. This event can be an important part of healing and of bereavement. To facilitate this grieving: participants can have the name of their loved one read during the program; wear a colored armband in remembrance; or place a photo or memento on a Memory Wall. If you want to have a name read please go to our 'Names Remembered' page.

People were invited to wear a silver ribbon as an armband to increase awareness of depression and suicide. Or, if you lost a family member to suicide, you could wear a colored armband to remember them: purple for a child lost, red for a parent, blue for a spouse, green for a sibling and yellow if it were extended family (i.e., niece, grandpa).

       The Hampton Roads Morning of Hope is also a time to celebrate our lives. When hundreds come together for this cause in fellowship, we can feel uplifted. So, people are able to share in a hopeful spirit by enjoying: a complimentary breakfast (Chick-fil-A biscuits, Starbucks coffee, Flowers Baking Company of Norfolk pastries, and Sam's Club breakfast bars and water); a wonderful program of Awareness, Remembrance and Celebration; Activities for the family (crafts, decorating frizbees, folding a crane table); Picnic with music by the Ben Phelps Project Band; complimentary Rita’s Italian Ice; and we’ll have a drawing when someone will receive a beautiful handmade quilt as a gift.

During the Hampton Roads Morning of Hope there will be a drawing for this beautiful handmade quilt which will have a design of colorful cranes on it with an embroidered message on the back of it; "May you find warmth and peace under this quilt." It is a gift from the Hampton Roads Survivors of Suicide Support Group, Inc, the sponsor of this outreach.
A gift of Hope - Crane Peace Quilt  

       We are eager for you to join us for this event and cause. You can click over to Register and/or to make a donation. Everyone who is coming to this event needs to register.
If you have any problems with Registration or Donations, contact Dave Mitnick (phone 757-650-1792; or email dmitnick@charter.net). He can assist you or even register for you.

Please know you are Welcome:

Donations are not required to be a part of this. Yet any funds raised will stay in Hampton Roads. We want The Hampton Roads Morning of Hope to be available to all of our Hampton Roads and extended civilians and military.

You are welcome to participate in any or all activities: the complementary breakfast; the counselors; listening to the program; walking through the curtain of cranes; a picnic with Ben Phelps Project Band; the gift of the Crane Quilt; the family activities; etc. For Donations, "Click" the button below:


       Please continue to our Spirit of the Morning Page to read more about the Hampton Roads Morning of Hope.