Would you like to help get out the word about the 2019 Hampton Roads Morning of Hope?

       There's a way you can do this. We are making available 8' x 3' banners that you can purchase. These banners will be placed throughout Hampton Roads.

       You can tell by the banners below that, although the main words will remain the same for each banner, you can also add your own brief message to the bottom line in the right hand corner. For example, you can remember a loved one lost to suicide, or you can add the name of an individual, group, or business sponsoring the banner (ie. "In loving memory of Mark", or "Katie, we will always remember you" or "Sponsored by Wakefield High School", or "Sponsored by Maryview Behavioral Medical Center").

       For $90 dollars you would be able to contribute a high quality vinyl to this event and cause. The checks can be made out to the Hampton Roads Survivors of Suicide Support Group Inc., which is a non-profit. This purchase is tax deductible. All banners will belong to the Hampton Roads Survivors Of Suicide Support Group Inc., which will be responsible for storing and putting up the banners each year.

       If you would like to support this community outreach in this way, you can call Denny or Nikki Chalk at 252-207-5620. This can be an important way to raise awareness or to remember a loved one. We appreciate your interest.