Donations in Memoriam

(When you make your online donation, you are given the option to have your donation be in memoriam to a loved one lost. If you have questions please contact Dave Mitnick (phone 757-650-1792; or email

If we are loved and remembered, then we live on forever
in the heart's of those who love us
. ~ Ted Menten

Kelli Booth remembered by Ernie Booth
Nicholas Buchanan remembered by Nicole McGowan
Anne K., Christian, Pat Carter’s Mother remembered by Mary Berg
Janette Clarkette remembered by Sarah Walski
Grandpa Graz & Uncle John remembered by Juanita Graziadei
Andrea Love remembered by The Love Family
Preston Schneider remembered by Carol Ford
Tanicka remembered by Mary Clark
Steve A. Wyatt Jr. remembered by Debralee Wyatt