Donations in Memoriam

When you make your online donation, you are given the option to have your donation be in memoriam to a loved one lost. We will put the name of the donor first and then the loved one being remembered.
If you have questions, please contact Rosanne Foggin: phone 757-343-8630; or email:

If we are loved and remembered, then we live on forever
in the hearts of those who love us
. ~ Ted Menten

Ernie Booth in memory of Kelli Booth
Lakeisha Crowe in memory of Glenda Church Jackson
Jessica Criger in memory of Helen Rainwater
Lori Eanes in memory of Edward, Uncle Eddie, Robert, Brenda, Matt
Quoteshia Hargett in memory of La'Kaysia Cooper and Makkie
Vicki Hutson in memory of Lindsey Michelle Hutson
Cecilia Martin in memory of C.M.
Abbie Richardson in memory of Nanee
Claire Richardson in memory of Anne M. Poche