Pictorial of 2017 Hampton Roads Morning of Hope

Hampton Roads Own Community Outreach
for anyone touched by Depression or Suicide

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Suicide is the tenth overall leading cause of death in America. Out military is especially at risk for suicide with all 5 services in Hampton Roads, we are committed to “Stop Soldier Suicides”.
In addition to wearing a ribbon, another way to remember a loved one is to write their name on a very large Memory List.
The Memory Wall is a very meaningful and moving place where participants can remember their loved one by putting up their picture and/or writing them a note. Although the Memory Wall is painful to see, it can be an important part of healing.
As a way of celebrating, there are activities that you can do. This is a family event. One is to decorate a frisbee. Then you can even fly it down Mt. Trashmore.
There are tables where you can make crafts.
We had over 400 Volunteers. Some could teach you how to make your own origami crane. With 26 folds, it may seem hard at first. But you can do it and it’s fun!
Complimentary breakfast is served to everyone: Chick-fil-A chicken biscuits; pastries from Flowers Baking Company; breakfast bars and water from Sam’s Club; juice; and Starbucks Coffee.
The Virginia Beach Chick-fil-A stores donated 1,400 Chicken biscuits. Each one was well appreciated.
Flowers Baking Company provided 2,500 honeybuns and packages of a variety of donuts.
Sam’s Club donated 3,000 breakfast bars and waters. Starbucks provided delicious coffee.
Fifteen clinically licensed professionals were present and available to offer support, to answer questions; to hand out information and to assist with a Depression Inventory.
If you or someone you love is at risk for suicide, there is a 24 hour crisis line for help: 1-800-273-TALK.
Before the program begins, children hand out flags to the participants as a way to show appreciation, pride and support for our armed services.
A prayer was offered by Air Force Captain Daniel Karanja before the program began.
Johnny Flex of Astro DJ’s did a wonderful job of making background music and announcements.
Tom Schaad, anchor for WAVY-TV 10, did an outstanding job as emcee!
Tom Schaad read a letter that was sent from Senator Mark Warner to recognize and to commend the Hampton Roads Morning of Hope.

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