Pictorial of 2019
Hampton Roads Morning of Hope

Hampton Roads Own Community Outreach For anyone touched by Depression or Suicide

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The Hampton Roads Morning of Hope is for anyone who has been touched by depression or suicide. You can wear a ribbon as a way to be a part of the fellowship. You would wear a silver ribbon if you have been affected or are interested in depression. If you lost a loved one to suicide you can remember them by wearing a colored ribbon as an armband: red, if you lost your father or mother; green if it were your brother or sister; yellow if extended family (i.e., uncle, grandfather); blue if it were your husband or wife and you’d wear purple if you lost your son or daughter to suicide. These ribbons bind us together as a community of compassion and hope.

Suicide is the tenth overall leading cause of death in America. Out military is especially at risk for suicide with all 5 services in Hampton Roads, we are committed to “Stop Soldier Suicides”.

Walkers can put a sticker on their ribbon to symbolize a special meaning of the Walk for them.

In addition to wearing a ribbon, another way to remember a loved one is to write their name on a very large Memory List.

The Memory Wall is a very meaningful and moving place where participants can remember their loved one by putting up their picture and/or writing them a note. Although the Memory Wall is painful to see, it can be an important part of healing.

As a way of celebrating this Morning of Hope, there are activities that you can do. This is a family event. One is to decorate a frisbee. Then you can even fly it off Mt. Trashmore!

There are tables where you can make many different crafts.

We had over 500 Volunteers. Some could teach you how to make your own origami crane. With 26 folds, it may seem hard at first. But you can do it and it’s fun!

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