Purchase T-Shirts

There are two T-shirt options for the Hampton Roads Morning of Hope.

The first Hampton Roads Morning of Hope T-Shirt, has the event logo on the front and the listing of the sponsors on the back. This T-Shirt is a gift when you’ve raised $125 or more to donate to Hampton Roads Survivors Of Suicide Support Group Inc. There is no need to apply for this as you can pick it up after you check-in at the Registration Shelter during the event. These T-shirts must be picked up only on the morning of our event. If you aren't able to pick up your shirt then you may want to send someone in your place to pick it up. This is also when you can turn in any money that you may have raised.

During the Morning there will also be a limited number of T-shirts available with a donation.

THERE IS ANOTHER T-SHIRT OPTION – one designed just for our Walk by Susan Romero, a graphic designer. We’re excited about the beautiful crane design on it.

T-shirt order deadline (August 23) has passed

The crane has been chosen to represent our S.O.S. Hampton Roads Survivors Of Suicide Support Group Inc. as it, over the centuries, has become a symbol of healing, happiness and hope. In Japan people believed this ancient bird lived for a 1,000 years. Legend has it that, if you fold 1000 paper cranes, your prayers will be answered. Volunteers of this event have folded this many with our prayers for peace and hope: not only for those who presently suffer from depression but also for those who have died by suicide. These cranes will be strung together to form a curtain of cranes to mark the starting point for those who may chose to walk through it. (For more about the crane, see the page “Legend of the Crane.”)

If you’d like to order one, they will be $13 for each or $25 for two. For 2XL or 3XL, please add an additional $4 to the price.

Participants of the Walk have expressed an interest in personalizing their crane T-shirts. Therefore, we’ve added a new option. For families, groups, businesses, etc. you can have words printed on your sleeve; you can have the print on two lines. Each line can hold a maximum of 18 letters (a space counts as a letter). Please, look at our examples. There is a minimum of 12 T-shirts ordered to be able to take advantage of personalizing your T-shirts. You can use these lines to remember a loved one as shown or to list a sponsor as i.e. "Supported by the Portsmouth YMCA." There’s only an additional $1.00 charge for each T-shirt with print on the sleeve. To take advantage of this option, all of those order must have the same words printed on them. Families and groups have been excited about this option.

T-shirt order deadline (August 23) has passed